We K&E strive to be a group of full-spirited engineers who are kind to people and friendly to the environment.

Since our founding, we have continued our efforts to improve our technology and R&D in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We have come to be known as "Kanematsu Technology" because of our ability to always keep our customers’ needs in mind while we develop as a company.

We will forever continue our contribution to environmental improvement through our technology, working in harmony with people, society and the global environment.

Our products have always been extremely well-received by our customers for the following reasons.

Company Outline

Head Office

3981-7, Nunoshida, Kochi-city, Kochi, Japan 781-5101

TEL: +81-88-845-5511 FAX: +81-88-845-5211

Overseas Division

3981-7, Nunoshida, Kochi-city, Kochi, Japan 781-5101

TEL: +81-88-845-5566 FAX: +81-88-845-8844

Factories Kochi-city
Branch Offices Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo
Establishment September, 1971
Employees 218 (March, 2021)
Main Products High-power Suction Work Trucks: Mobile Vac
Stationary Suction Machines: Vacuum Conveyor
High-pressure Cleaning Trucks: Mobile Jet
Powder Suction and Pressure Delivery Trucks: Powder Clean
Delivered to Industrial waste disposer / Iron and steel industry / Electric power company / Shipbuilding company / MLIT / NEXCO / Municipalities / Overseas users

Corporate History of K&E

Year Month Topics
1971 09 Established at Takasu in Kochi-city.
Started production and distribution of environmental equipments.
1974 10 Developed power suction work truck, and started building auto bodies.
1976 04 Opened the Osaka business office.
1977 09 Opened the Tokyo business office.
1982 04 Opened the Fukuoka business office.
1986 10 Developed high-pressure cleaning truck.
1987 03 Relocated head office and factory in Kochi-city.
1988 04 Opened the Nagoya local office.
1989 09 Opened the Sendai local office.
1989 11 Opened the Chitose local office.
1991 06 Completed construction of Myoken Factory at Myoken in Nankoku-city.
1992 03 Opened the Hiroshima local office.
1996 07 Renamed each business office and local office to branch or business office.
1997 05 Obtained Koch Yoko Co.,Ltd. as our subsidiary.
08 Opend the Shikoku branch in Kochi-city.
1999 04 Completed construction of Engineering Center at Myoken in Nankoku-city.
2001 04 Merged the Hiroshima business office and the Shikoku branch, and opened the Chushikoku branch.
2002 03 Became listed on the stock exchange in Osaka.
04 Established Engineering Laboratory at head office.
09 Developed building maintenance vehicle.
10 Absorbed Kochi Yoko Co., Ltd.
2004 10 Acquired West Factory in Kochi-city.
2007 09 Acquired Takimoto Yard in Nankoku-city, Kochi.
11 Established coating work factory in West Factory.
2008 04 Merged the Sendai business office and the Chitose business office.
Opened the Tohoku Hokkaido branch in Sendai-city.
2010 11 Concluded an agreement for a partnership with CHONGQING ENDURANCE SHAN HUA SPECIAL VEHICLE CO.,LTD.
2011 03 Developed microwave extracting equipment.
12 Relocated the Chitose business office to Sapporo-city, and renamed as the Sapporo business office.
2013 01 Microwave extracting equipment won the chairman's award of Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry.
 03 Renovated a part of head factory into a research laboratory focusing on development of microwave extracting equipment.
07 Became listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd section.
10 Developed and started distribution of the first road cleaning vehicle for decontamination, "Remover 3000", in Japan.
 2014 03 Relocated the Nagoya branch to North word in Nagoya-city.
 2016 03 Completed construction of a new warehouse for storage of completed vehicles at Takimoto Yard in Nankoku-city, Kochi, and renamed it to Takimoto Base.
 2017 11 Established “e-center” at Myoken in Nankoku-city.
 2021 08 Relocated Myoken Factory in Nankoku-city to Techno Base in Kochi-city.
09 The 50th anniversary of the foundation

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Company Outline
Corporate History of K&E